How to Make a Whelping Box out of a Kiddie Pool – Easy Tips for Whelping Box Plans

Getting your mommy dog ready before her big day when she (and you) will have many more cute puppies around you is a big task. There are many things to consider so that you can make your dog feel safe and comfortable for her struggling and painful period and many things to be taken care of. 

For all this, whelping boxes are on the top list that you cannot risk-avoiding. You heard of whelping boxes, but have you heard that whelping boxes can be made with the baby kiddie pool that you had already kicked into the storeroom. It can be made in an easy way that will take all your difficulties and that too, without even spending any more dollars on it.

Here in this blog, we will guide you – along with the steps – to make a whelping box out of the kiddie pool. Before going on to the making of the whelping box, first of all, you need to know what the whelping box is and its purpose.

What is a whelping box?

What is a whelping box

When a woman is pregnant, the world around her turns upside down; everyone becomes so caring that she feels like a queen. And we have to accept the fact she is given care because it is seriously a tough time; the same treatment has to be given to your lovely dog that is going to give babies. We know how a woman is given a warm and safe place to deliver her little one; similarly, here, whelping boxes do the same job for the dog.

In short, it is a basic fundamental need of the dog if it is about to whelp in the house, and its primary purpose is to provide a warm and safe place to deliver her babies without anyone’s interference.

How to make a whelping box out of your kiddie pool?

There are many methods and whelping box plans available online. Out of them, the most favorite method in making a whelping box is out of a kiddie pool. This method is most chosen and highly preferred because it won’t disturb the bank balance and also provide the same comfort you will find from the ones that you get from the market.

Things you will need:

Here are the steps to make one for your mommy dog:

Here are the steps to make one for your mommy dog

Step 1: Get the kiddie pool

First of all, find a kiddie pool or get a kiddie pool if you don’t have it. It must be the size where your dog can comfortably lay down and consider the coming babies too.

Step 2: Lay the whelping pads

The next task is to line the kiddie pool with whelping pads. The round shape is preferable, or it can also go well with the old towels and the newspapers. The whelping pads are readily available online if you are looking for a pro comfort for your dog, and of course, you can make it at home too.

Step 3: Use PVC pipes as a support

You want your mommy dog and baby pups to get hurt. The kiddie pool cannot hold your friend with paws. In order to avoid the hurt, you need PVC pipes to prevent the momma doggie from rolling over.

Step 4: Check it up!

Now when you have placed everything where it needs to be, you need to see that there is no loophole in the setup. Make sure there is no wall from where the dogs and the little ones can tumble.  

Step 5: Pet playpen can help!

Once they are grown, you can consider purchasing a pet playpen. It is a must to buy a doorway pet playpen for the momma doggie to come and go. This method is highly recommendable because of its many advantages.

Step 6: Maintenance is a must

You are going to keep your lovelies in the whelping box. So make sure you maintain it. Check the set up regularly to make sure that the pads and pipes are in place. Keep it clean and hygiene for better health.  

  • It is the least expensive method, and you will have the things needed for this method in your place. If not, it is readily available at a low cost.
  • The kiddie pool is made of plastic; this has an inbuilt waterproof quality.
  • This plastic kiddie pool is also durable; you can happily allow your puppies to turn around without having a fear of its breaking.
  • It is much easier to clean than the wooden boxes method.
The Bottom Line

Out of all the possible methods available, we consider this method because it is very easy and cheap. It also provides the quality you are looking for. If you feel like it is a do-it-yourself project that you instead tackle with the readily made boxes, then you can easily find various options online, or else you can make it by following the steps we just mentioned. After all, a happy dog needs all the grooming in her expecting period. We hope we have helped you. Enjoy pampering your baby pups!

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