How to Keep Whelping Box Clean – Best Way to Clean Your Box by Expert

Are you excited to have little pups at your home? Even I am! Dogs are our lives, and now when they are having their baby, it is just like having our own. You must have got the whelping box till now? Haven’t you? Okay, so if you don’t know what a whelping box does and what it is, then below is the detailed information. When a dam has passed her 7th month of pregnancy, her cycle gets started, and it becomes a necessity for her to be calm and happy. This is the time when a whelping box becomes her companion during her painful days.

How to Keep Whelping Box Clean?

This article is on How to keep Whelping Box Clean. Keeping the whelping Box clean is an utterly important and much-needed process. Read the steps below to keep the whelping box clean and hygienic:

1. Assemble the necessities

If you have a whelping box already then, there are few things that you need to be particular about. If you don’t have a whelping box then do get one from Best Whelping Box.

For assembling the necessities first, make sure that you have a durable whelping box. Now, you will need:

  • High quality of the whelping pad
  • Tissues 
  • A chemical-free cleanser (Simple Green) 
  • Fresh Towels 
  • Detergent and 
  • A container

Once you assemble these all, remember there can also be some more things as per the need of time. Be prepared from the first to avoid scarcity of anything. 

2. Making a proper Routine

Making a proper RoutineWe all have routines. Routine to be fit, to exercise, to eat, to work, and much more. A proper routine can actually make life easier and better. Similarly, maintaining an adequate cleaning routine for the whelping box keeps the dog and puppies happy. Naturally, they will pee and poop at fixed places in the box itself and anywhere in the corner of the box. You need to be careful of them and clean the box thoroughly every day for the first week. After two weeks, the pups will start producing more amount of waste. Thus after two weeks, you need to clean the whelping box twice a day compulsorily. Once they see you cleaning the box twice a day for a long time, they will realize not to poop where they sleep. Thus your everyday routine should be clean, clean, and clean.

3. Safety is the First Priority

Everyone needs safety, and especially these little ones need the most. When a newborn puppy is born, the bones and the whole body of them are very fragile. During labor pain of a dog or delivering another puppy, the dam rotates herself during that time; the newborn baby needs the safety. After the birth, at the time of cleaning the whelping box, one must consider safety thoroughly. 

While cleaning the whelping box, make sure you handle the puppies with genuine care. The dam is really protective of her babies. Make sure you have a cardboard box near to the whelping box. Now shift the puppies and dog into the cardboard box. Do not use your fingers to lift the puppies. Make them sit on your whole palm and shift them slowly. 

Now finally we will clean the whelping box. Firstly, remove the whelping pad/sheet/towels or any other stuff lying in there. Now remove the waste produced by the dog and puppies with the help of a newspaper or tissue paper. Get a good detergent and spray it in the whelping box. Clean the detergent with a clean towel and now put cleanser in every part of the box. Again keep the sheets and towels that you want and transfer the dog and babies back.

4. DIY stuff for your puppies

It is not necessary to purchase a whelping box; you can make it on your own too. Did you know this part? Make Your Own Whelping Box from cardboard. Make a DIY lamp with the use of fairy lights and paper. Also, make sure to tie the lamp at a distinct height. You can divide the whelping box into two parts and lay artificial grass on one part and make a mini garden for the small puppies to play and enjoy. Other than this, you can make puppy beds for the puppies to sleep and rest. It is actually great fun to be with these little ones and trust me; it is also similar to have a human child. Both of them are soft and energetic little ones. 

Woof Woof! Now, do you understand how to keep Whelping Box Clean? I bet you do. Follow the steps and keep your puppies and dog healthy with very few products. Once your puppies get a little bigger, then you can also start training them for maintaining their discipline and lifestyle. Make sure about the daily checkup of your puppies with Vet. If your puppies have allergies, then you can also get injections for the same. That’s all for now. See you soon with another new article.

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