Great Dane whelping Box: Top Rated Products for Your Bitch of 2020

Dogs often like moving freely, but it’s vital to have a whelping box in your house to train your pets to set some boundaries. Apart from training, these whelping pens also keep your pets safe and give them their own nesting, which all dogs love. Pet owners know that dogs often love crates and pens as it gives them their space to enjoy or rest. Finding such crates is easy for the small or medium breeds, but when it comes to the large breeds such as Great Dane, it becomes challenging to find such large whelping pens that can accommodate them and give them space to move freely.

However, if you are trying to find a whelping box for Great Dane dogs, don’t worry; we have done our thorough research to provide you with some of the best-rated options. Go through this list and check out the whelping boxes specially made for large breeds to keep them safe and secure. 

Great Dane whelping Box

1. AmazonBasics whelping box For Great Dane

AmazonBasics whelping box

AmazonBasics is a trusted brand when it comes to topnotch quality and durability of the products. The brand offers crate for dogs of all sizes and breeds. This particular whelping box is recommended for extra-large breeds such as Great Danes, Labradors, German Shepherds, etc. It measures 48 X 30 X 32.5 making it ideal for keeping large dog breeds. The box has a sturdy metal construction and is also suitable for puppies and adult dogs. Owners can use this nesting box to house train their pets. 

    • One can choose from a single-door or double-door variant as per the preference.
    • It is constructed using a durable metal wire that offers strength, visibility, and ventilation to this dog crate.
    • The whelping box also scones with an optional divider panel that can be removed or placed in the crate according to your need.
    • The nesting box also features a two slide-bolt door that ensures the safety and security of your pets.
    • It folds flat for storage and for carrying it anywhere with ease.
    • Some buyers complained about the sharp edges of the whelping box.
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    2. Life Stages Single Door Folding Crate For Great Dane

    Life Stages Single Door Folding

    MidWest Homes is the top-rated choice among pet owners for whelping pens, bedding, and more. The brand came up with their range “Life Stages,” in which they offer crates for every dog breed. This whelping pen has a unique design that provides den-like instincts to your dogs and keeps them safe. It is constructed using heavy-gauge steel and tight wire mesh, which makes it more preferable than other options available in the market. 

      • The users found it easy to assemble without using any tools or professional help.
      • It includes a dog tray, carrying handle, and roller feet to protect the floor.
      • The whelping box also features patented rounded side clips that reinforce the dog crate and reduce the possibility of sharp edges.
      • It folds down flat for easy storage and portability.
      • The crate is available in other sizes and variants as well; you can choose the one according to the size and breed of your pet.
      • This whelping box for great dane is backed by one year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Few buyers complained about the after-service of the crate.
    • Some people faced issues in assembling the whelping box on their own.
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    3. MidWest Homes Giant Dog Crate

    MidWest Homes

    The last option on this list is from Midwest Homes as well, which offers the XXL dog crate for the breeds such as Mastiffs, St.Bernards, and Great Danes. It is ideal for the dogs weighing over 90 pounds and comes in two variants: Single-door and a double door. The nesting box has a sturdy and heavy metal construction that adds to its durability and utility. There are other sizes available for this crate, but it is recommended for breeds such as Great Danes to go with this specific size.

      • The drop pin construction of the pen aids in the maximum safety for your dogs and their safety. 
      • There are three secure bolt latches on each door, and it also has a removable leakproof plastic pan for cleaning it with ease.
      • It can be used for all the life stages of the extra-large dog breeds. 
      • The whelping box has a protective E coat finish that helps in preventing rust.
      • This dog crate by MidWest Homes is backed by a one-year warranty and has four roller rubber feet to protect your floor against scratches.
    • This crate requires two people for its assembly.
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    Concluding Remarks

    Investing in a good-quality whelping box is a must when you have a pet. All the three options given in this blog have received positive feedback and reviews due to their high-quality construction that ensures your dogs’ safety. However, if there is one alternative that I have to recommend, it would be the last opinion by MidWest Homes as it is spacious and has all the needed features for your dog to stay with ease. Make sure to check out the measurements of the crate before finalizing the option. 

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