ACA vs AKC – What’s the Difference Between These Dog Registries?

Adopting a puppy requires a lot of preparation – mental, emotional, and formal. 

It is a huge step in your life and we are positive you want to do everything right. So, along with preparing your home for the newest member of the family, you must pick a registry.

While there are multiple dog registries in the USA, two names usually stand out – ACA and AKC. And, this is where the confusion begins. Which one should you choose? Are they equally reliable? Or, are there other registries that are more reliable? 

Let’s clear the confusion once and for all! We are here to speak of the difference between ACA and AKC – the two biggest registries at the moment.

American Kennel Club – AKC

AKC was founded in 1884. It is the most popular registry in the USA. 

At AKC, the focus is on documenting pedigrees and purebred dogs in the country. They also provide multiple resources to pet owners and education for breeders. They have very strict standards when it comes to breeding and registration of puppies. For example, if both the parents of the puppy are not already registered with AKC, the puppy won’t be either. As for breeding, the female has to be at least 8 months old and the male, 7 months of age. The upper limit for both is 12 years.

American Canine Association – ACA

The ACA dubs itself as America’s Largest Veterinary Health Tracking Canine Registry but that’s not really true. ACA provides dog certifications to buyers and an array of dog services but its rules and ethics are not as strong as AKC. In fact, it does not take stringent measures at all. The reason why it is famous, according to us, is the affordability.

AKC vs ACA Dog Registries

Hands down, our vote goes to AKC. It is highly reputable and reliable. To this day, AKC adheres to its rules and ensures that everything is transparent. We cannot say the same about ACA. 

The only downside to AKC is that their services are expensive. However, we strongly think that expenses should not motivate you to compromise on quality services. A few extra bucks can save you from a lot of hassle. And, you will breathe easy knowing that all ethics are being followed.

It is extremely important that you conduct research and have as much information about the breeder and registry before adopting a puppy. We hope your article helped you in this regard. If you have any more questions, please feel free to speak to us.

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