Best Whelping Box: Choose Top Rated Dog Whelping Box of 2020

Just like a bird has her nest while hatching eggs, a dam also needs a whelping box during her heat cycle. It is a painful and mentally stressful stage for female dogs when they have their heat cycle. After 6 or 7 months of pregnancy, a dam needs to be kept in a whelping box wherein she feels safe and calm. Any kind of rough behavior or loud noise can disturb her and the puppies in her stomach too. 

This article is about the best whelping box that is available online and can be used by everyone for their dogs. Below are the top 5 products that stand out, and one must have if they dog at their place. 

Best Whelping Box

1. Lakeside Whelping boxes for dogs


An easy to clean whelping box with three adjustable sides is surely heaven for your dogs. It is a large and well-built box that is suitable for every breed. Lakeside Whelping box is foldable and easy to carry box with a simple assembling method. Read the following key features to know more about the product: 

Key Features:

  • The three-sided attachable feature is perfect for the whelping box.
  • It is rust-free, with no discolor and no stain. 
  • It is also UV resistant and easy to clean the whelping box.
  • It is a crack-proof box and free from any sort of contamination.
  • It also has slatted sides that allow enough airflow inside the whelping box. 
  • It has enough space for visual interactions for the pet to feel everyone’s presence. 
  • The measurements of the whelping box are 36”L*36”W*18”H.
  • The whelping box is made and manufactured in the USA.
  • It is a spacious box with enough space for your dog to feel free.
  • It is foldable and easy to carry a whelping box for your female dogs.
  • The product also has free shipping that attracts the customer most.
  • If you are planning to get a durable whelping box for your dog, then this one is the best. 
  • Suitable for small dogs and medium-sized dogs. 
  • It has a pure white color that does not give any sort of anger to your dog.


2. Hudson Whelping box


A perfect multi-purpose box with low maintenance and simple design is all that Hudson Whelping Box offers. Also, Hudson’s Whelping Box is an amazon’s choice product that means one can completely rely on the product. This baseless box can be a great use in gardening too. Below are some specifications of the products:  

Key Features:

  • A reasonable product and also Amazon’s choice. 
  • It is a multi-purpose box that can be used as a whelping box and also for gardening stuff. 
  • It is an amazon choice product which means it is really worth buying.
  • The outer dimensions of the product are 48L*48W*11H inches. 
  • The whelping box is made from premium quality of high graded vinyl.
  • It is a crack and rot-proof box whenever placed in your garden. 
  • It is an easy-clean, and low maintenance box with a simple design. 
  • This whelping box can be the perfect fit for your newborn puppies. 
  • It is a baseless box that becomes a plus point. 
  • It becomes easier to move from one place to another. 
  • Hudson Whelping box also has 20 years’ guarantee of not turning yellow. 
  • It can easily have a German Shephard and her eight puppies along. Thus the size of the box is amazingly vast.
  • Surely it is a must purchase product for keeping your dogs.


3. Lakeside Plaza Whelping Box for a large dog

Lakeside Plaza

Another fantastic product from Lakeside Plaza is the large Whelping box with more and advanced features. It is dirt and damage resistant and has a sliding door specially built for easy convenience of dogs. The box has a light grey texture that keeps the dog calm and composed. Let’s have a look at the below key features of the same:

Key Features:

  • It is FDA- approved and made of HDPE plastic.
  • It is a wooden based whelping box that keeps both dogs and babies safe. 
  • It has a light grey texture on the surface.
  • The whelping box is dirt and damage resistant.
  • It is easy to clean the whelping box with a simple design.
  • There are no cracks and crevices that can cause bacteria or any other contamination. 
  • The whelping box has a slip fit connection.
  • It does not need any tool to assemble the box.
  • The measurements of the whelping box are: 46”L*48”W*20”H from outside and 45.25”*45.75” from inside. 
  • It has a unique design with no bottom surface that allows users to put in their preferable whelping pads there.
  • The whelping box also has a rare sliding door design of ⅔ height. 
  • One can also adjust the height as per the size of their puppies and dogs.
  • It is a value for money product that satisfies all your dogs need.
  • The lakeside whelping box has pigrails that are beyond fantastic for the puppies.  
  • Also, this a durable product that lasts really long without any complaints.


4. Pet Nap Plastic Whelping Box

Pet Nap Plastic

A perfect plastic whelping box with attached pigrails and soothing color is undoubtedly making its mark apart from the wooden whelping boxes. Read some more specifications and know more about the product:

Key Features:

  • The box is sold in three sizes varying from 24” up to 36”.
  • It is made from flexible molded plastic with a robust design.
  • It is easy to clean and disinfect between litters. 
  • The whelping box has three piggy rails that are made from a wooden dowel and coated with plastic.
  • The dimensions of the box are 24”*24” mm, 30”*30” mm, and 36”*36” mm.
  • It is an enclosed box with proper edges. 
  • The box is also suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes for your dog. 
  • One can place a nice whelping pad on the box to keep the box clean.
  • It is a reusable whelping box. One can use this as long as you want.
  • Being made from plastic, it is lightweight.


5. Bunny Business Whelping Box

Bunny Business Pet

Are you in search of a very affordable yet durable whelping box for your dogs? Bunny Business Whelping Box has got some really amazing whelping boxes that can be used as a dog cage, crate, and lot more. It is also compatible with having large species of dogs and their babies. 

Key features:

  • It is an enclosed box with a proper grilling from four sides.
  • The size of the box is 36.5”L*24”D*25”H.
  • This whelping box is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. 
  • It is made from heavy-duty tubing and also painted in gunmetal grey color. 
  • It is a foldable and adjustable box with simple, assembling ways. 
  • The whelping box has a removable plastic coated floor that makes it easier to clean the box.
  • It is a multi-purpose box that can be used as a dog cage, playpen, whelping box, crate, and much more. 
  • The box has double latches to the door that keeps your dog safe and secure. 
  • A really great option for those who are interested in purchasing a multi-purpose box at a low price. 
  • It is suitable for different breeds of dogs, and even large dogs can easily fit in the box.
  • One gets a plastic-coated floor along with the pack itself. 


Bottom Line:

I hope your dog is doing well, and this article would have helped you find the correct fit for your dog. Keeping the dog calm and happy during her heat cycle is the most important task to perform. Dogs get moody and grumpy and even bark a lot due to the pain. It may also happen; they just keep mum and don’t roam here and there as they use to do. Everything is normal. All you need to do is purchase a comfortable whelping box to keep your dog safe. In my opinion, Lakeside Whelping boxes for dogs is the best fit for the dogs. Lakeside company is well known and makes amazing whelping boxes. It is spacious and has a great color. Other than this, other products are even great. Get your whelping box now! 

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